Hello, I’m Michele Konrad. I’m an independent filmmaker living and working in Sydney.

I believe that story can change the world.

I still remember the day I discovered its power. I was four years old, running around the playground with my friends, when suddenly out of nowhere I found myself saying:

“Let’s say…”

“Let’s say…I’m a unicorn!”

“Let’s say…we can fly!”

Let’s say…what ever you can possibly imagine!

It was magical: I could be anything! We could go anywhere!

From that moment I was hooked. Story - all kinds of story, from fiction to documentary and from visual to musical - would be the central focus of my life.

But despite that, I didn’t set out to be a creative as a career. In my early years I was more interested in adventure. And so I joined the Army, learned Russian, and eventually became a project manager in the oil industry. That gave me the opportunity to work in some of the most remote and fascinating parts of the world, places like Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Kurdistan and Papua New Guinea.

Visiting seismic lines in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Visiting seismic lines in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Outside Suleimaniyah, Kurdistan.

Outside Suleimaniyah, Kurdistan.

Traveling in Central Asia.

Traveling in Central Asia.

All of these wandering years I was writing stories and tucking them away, figuring that someday I would be ready to do something with them. Finally that day came. In 2007, I took a career break to dedicate myself to writing. A year or so later I found myself in Hollywood, learning to write scripts. I had fallen in love with filmmaking: the perfect combination between a story and a project.

I studied screenwriting at New York Film Academy and producing at the University of California Los Angeles. Moving to Australia, I studied filmmaking at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

In the studio at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

In the studio at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.


These days I am focused on developing my craft as a writer, director and producer. I’ve created short drama films and music videos which have been shown in festivals around the world. I also produce professional content for organisations through my work with Nous Group.

On the set of  If I Were You .

On the set of If I Were You.

Whatever the project my work is characterised by story, heartfelt performance, and a collaborative approach.

Thank you for visiting, and feel free to get in touch.

Best regards,


What people say about working with me….

Michele has one of the keenest eyes for detail, combined with a finely tuned story sense. And a fabulous way of getting the very best out of her actors and crew.
— Paul J Warren, Director of Photography
I have had the pleasure of working with Michele Konrad on two film projects. Michele has formidable skills as a producer, writer and director. She is a dream to work with and can happily balance between others’ creative input and her own artistic vision. She is a highly organised, gifted and daring filmmaker.
— Jonathan Zwartz, Composer
I have had great pleasure in sharing in Michele’s passion for film making and have admiration for her approach which is strategic as well as creative with a firm eye on optimising her budget.  She is one to watch and I look forward to a long working relationship.
— Jane Corden, Managing Director, Moneypenny
Michele is extremely good at being able to talk to all levels of crew and cast and clearly articulate her needs and wants. She was very patient, supportive and aware of what her cast needed in order to do their best work and then provided that environment within the rehearsal and location shoot. Her direction and ability to give notes that were both constructive and delicate ensured she got what she needed out of me. I am in awe of her drive and passion for film making and storytelling.  I would imagine anyone who gets the opportunity to work on one of her projects would have the same experience. I look forward to my next one with her.
— Melinda Dransfield, Actor
In my time with AFTRS Open there have been many outstanding students pass through the doors, but Michele stood out. She has an infectious dedication to her craft and the necessary charismatic demeanor to overcome any obstacles, business or artistic. If only more creatives had such a desire to constantly be moving forward. Watch this space!
— David Fedirchuk, Program Manager Industry, Australian Film Television and Radio School
Working with Michele was a thoroughly rewarding experience. She was open to discussing and exploring ideas that forward and serve the narrative, whilst maintaining a strong concept and idea at its core. I found working together akin to a partnership where ideas could be freely expressed and debated in an open and collaborative manner. She has a passionate dedication to producing a quality result in all that she turns her attention to.
— Daniel Lê, Editor